Gambling includes betting or wagering on any game of chance, including such things as Bingo and Lotteries. "Problem Gambling", in its general sense, is gambling activity that causes emotional, social, or financial difficulty for the gambler or others the gambler influences. The following risk-quiz is provided through the cooperation of Game Planit Interactive Corp. and and takes only a few minutes to complete. It is not intended as a clinical diagnosis of problem, compulsive or pathological gambling (see Terms/Definitions). The risk-quiz is in the process of being scientifically validated and should only be used as a personal guide to see if you have a gambling problem and/or if you are at risk of developing a gambling problem.

The risk-quiz uses 22 questions to provide you information about whether you currently have a gambling problem and your personal vulnerability to problem gambling. The determination is based on the existing theories and recent research on problem gambling. When you have completed all the questions, you will receive a real-time analysis. If you are concerned or worried about your gambling, contact a problem gambling specialist through the 24-Hour Help Lines.

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